Monday, August 20, 2007

I Just Bought A PACK of Scotch??

I bought Scotch inadvertently and without getting drunk - Haha!

Don't worry - it's NOT what you're thinking!

What is a 'Pack' of Scotch, you ask?

That's what I was asking, too, but I really did purchase a pack of Scotch about 2 days ago. I never got around to opening the Scotch until about an hour ago and I am really finding this funny.

I purchased an info-pack of articles and lessons online the other day. Inside the digi-file that I downloaded was a 'Bonus' pack and one file-set was named the 'Scotch' pack.

Yep - it definitely is a bunch of articles about alcohol, but I don't have a clue what to do with these. The lessons and article bundle I purchased was a 'Meditation and Yoga' package, so I'm not sure why the info-product creator decided that 'Scotch' was a good thing to toss in as a bonus, but I have officially opened a 'Pack of Scotch' without getting drunk in the least!


Would someone technically call this a virtual relapse, or what?


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