Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interesting Clips From TV Show "Intervention"

I was browsing around YouTube and found that a fan of the TV show, Intervention has put together a series of clips from the show.

There are some graphic clips, so if you're worried about being affected by these, move along...

...the clips are just over 5 minutes long...by about the 3 minute mark, the images aren't quite as graphic and involve scenes of the addict being brought to a counselling room to discuss treatment intervention.

The reason I have posted this video, graphic and all though it is - is because I was quite overwhelmed as to the number of YouTube videos on-site that are labelled 'Intervention' but are actually making light of the topic of addiction and addiction intervention.

People need to see the REAL effects of addiction - on both the addict and families. I realize the graphic nature of the video above might be 'triggering' to some, but I did place a warning to go along with the video so that those who don't wish to see everything in 'raw' form can wait 'til part-way through the video to see how the intervention 'meeting' was performed in this situation.

This clip is from a television show that A&E Network airs, called "Intervention."
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