Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coupla Jokes

I was needing some 'comic relief'

Here are some jokes I found when I searched online for some comedic 'distractions' in my life.

You may or may not find these 'cute' but I like 'em!

1. An Alabama State trooper stops a guy in a pick-up truck over on route I-90. The officer asks the driver,

"Got any ID?"

The driver responds,

"ID 'bout what?"


2. A couple of tourists were driving through Louisiana until they approached a sign that said the town of Natchitoches was immediately up ahead. Upon trying to pronounce the name, they got in an argument. Since they couldn't decide who was right, and it was lunchtime anyway, they drove into the town to have lunch - still arguing about the pronunciation of the name.

At the restaurant, as the travellers waited at the counter, a waiter seated them at a table - and STILL - the tourists argued. When the waiter returned to take their order, one of the travellers said,

"Before we order, could you settle a disagreement we've been having? Could you pronounce the place where we are, and pronounce it very slowly so we can catch the name properly? We've been arguing about this ever since we saw the sign along the highway."

The waiter, with an extremely puzzled look on his face, said,

You say it...

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