Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"Daily Dose" Will Be At The Bottom

I decided recently to start posting some common 'Daily' messages that can be found in 12-Step Literature.

Since I read literature about addictions from more than one 12-Step organization, I already realized that sometimes I'll post from 'Daily Reflections' material, sometimes from other recovery sources, so just be aware that 'Daily Dose' could be from N.A., G.A., A.A., M.A., or any other recovery source - including, from time to time, an 'Alternate' recovery source such as a 16-Step (Charlotte Kasl) or SMART Recovery information.

I realize that I only posted to the blog twice, as well...

I had posted on a daily basis since I started last week - but left almost every post in 'draft' mode until I could figure out which kind of daily message would be most appreciated. I wondered whether to offer a short daily 'menu' of AA, NA, and an Alternative daily reading each day (which left me tryin' to decide WHICH Alternative source would be best) - to try to cover different

Leave it to me, a recovering addict - to make things complicated!

Haha - a friend finally told me, "For gosh-sakes - just put whatever you want - down at the BOTTOM and readers can choose to look or not. That way you won't offend anyone by occasionally switching sources." Of course, she also rolled her eyes at me.

I deserve that, I suppose, haha

So that's how I'll do it now, anyway - I'll just change the form at the bottom each day.

Any die-hard 12-Step members who really REALLY dislike other sources - won't have to read the Daily Dose at the top of the blog. They won't need to sort through any of the 'complications' that I had been wondering about. Anything 'Daily' will now be found at the bottom of the blog under that psychedelic-looking banner I recently made. By the way - don't look at that for a long time if you have relapsed and are 'on something' because it will make you pass out pretty quickly lol.



I like it - it's staying.

BTW - putting the "Daily Dose" at the bottom, having explained that there will be several sources I will draw from - now also gives me license to select different DAYS, too (I decided this 'cos it's MY BLOG) if I'm havin' a really bad day and want to be reminded of something SWEET - I might post a July 15th Sunny-time 'Daily' reading in the middle of December's snowstorms during the Xmas season or something. Xmas isn't my favourite time of year at all, so thank goodness it's only May right now - 'cos I won't have to do any 'adjusting' for a while lol.

Readers beware muhahaha

(I also left a typo in this post that I noticed after I hit 'publish' - but I'm gonna still leave it there just to see if anyone even notices it HAHA - I'm thinkin' my OCD-inspired friend will find it, and I MEAN THAT with the greatest kindness 'odc-friend.' Wow I came back all the way through the 'edit' process in blogger just to type that I am not going to change my typo lol)

Just for Today...

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAPPY!!

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