Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Clean Time Calculator Says...

The Pigs In Space "Clean Time Calculator" says that I have been 'clean' for:

1195 Days
Check out the 'Clean Time Generator' links at the right.
I placed a few links there - just in case one of them is 'down for maintenance' at some point when somebody really, really REALLY needs to check out their number of 'clean time' days!
Apparently, according to the "Recovery Greetings" cleantime calculator, 1195 days would work out to over 103million heartbeats since I last had a drink, and close to 24million breaths.
I think those last figures are WRONG haha - 'cos I had a LOT OF PANIC ATTACKS when I first quit drinking. My heart was doin' double-time and so was my breathing...
Oh well - the 'Recovery Greetings' Clean Time Generator is pretty neat anyway! Try It!

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