Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Simplest Version


Step 1: There's a power that will kill me.

Step 2: There's a Power that wants me to live.

Step 3: Which do I want? (If you want to die, stop here.

If you want to live, go on.)

Step 4: Using examples from your own life, understand that

selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear control

your actions.

Step 5: Tell all your private embarrassing secrets to

another person.

Step 6: Decide whether or not you want to live that way

any more.

Step 7: If you want your life to change, ask a Power

greater than yourself to change it for you. (If you could

have changed it yourself, you would have long ago.)

Step 8: Figure out how to make right all the things you did


Step 9: Fix what you can without causing more trouble in

the process.

Step 10: Understand that making mistakes is part of being

human (When you make a mistake, fix it, immediately if

you can.)

Step 11: Ask for help to treat yourself and others the way

you want your Higher Power to treat you.

Step 12: Don't stop doing 1 through 11, and pass it on!

Always Say A Prayer

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