Friday, July 20, 2007

Is There Any Hope For Homer Simpson?

Do you think Homer Simpson is a Chronic Alcoholic?

I do.

I worry about Homer Simpson a lot! Even when I don't get to watch The Simpsons Show very often, I'm pretty sure that Homer has got a can of Duff Beer in his hand and is drinking, burping and acting like quinessential Homer.

Truly, I had to stop watching the show for a while during my early recovery because Homer Simpson really does have Duff Beer around the house, Duff Beer merchandise around his place all the time. Duff Beer ballcaps, Duff Beer T-Shirts, you name it, Homer Simpson has worn it or played with it on The Simpsons Show.

I saw the episode where Homer and Barney attend a 12-Step meeting and I thought the show was pretty funny. I liked it, but I saw it at a time when I was beyond the discomforts of early recovery. I might have had a different reaction if I'd have seen the episode when I was only a few weeks clean and sober.

Did you see the episode?
Did you think it was funny or disturbing?

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