Sunday, July 15, 2007

Last Night Of The Calgary Stampede

Tonight is THE BIG NIGHT at The Calgary Stampede!! All the events will be finished up in the early evening, winners and losers will be determined and then

Calgary will GO CRAZY with partying!!

A friend of mine who works as a volunteer at a phone-in crisis centre in the city recently told me that she's expecting to put in very regular time at the centre this following week. A lot of people will have really 'overdone it' drinking over these past 10 days and will be needing some help sobering up.

It's really a shame. A real, true shame.

It's a shame that an event such as The Calgary Stampede is such a risky one for such a large group of people who are known as 'alcoholics' and 'addicts.' A HUGE AMOUNT of sponsorship, marketing, and advertising for The Calgary Stampede is wrapped up in Alcohol Production and Distribution companies and organizations. Alcohol name brands are splashed extra heavily around the city right at this time, for an extended time period. I heard a comment recently, related to Advertising-Stampede-Alcoholics that really ticked me off. Here's the comment:

"Just because some people are alcoholics, and they don't know how to drink safely, it doesn't mean that the extra ads during Stampede time should be a concern at all. Most people don't have problems. The few who do should 'suck it up' over Stampede time and stay home. Stay away from those of us who DO know how to party without phukking up our lives."

I'm only upset with this comment because the person making the statement seemed truly unaware that the 'few' who are alcoholics in our general population are really not just 'a few.' (Okay, I'm also upset that this statement came from someone who appears to me, to be having a HUGE problem putting the bottle down, but that's just my opinion.)

Addicts are from all walks of life, all income groups, and there are probably a few hundred-thousand people, at LEAST - who had a very hard time this year with the mass partying attitude that accompanies the Calgary Stampede. These same will have a hard time next year staying away from substances which shouldn't be taken lightly. Saying 'suck it up' doesn't help.

Being 'flippant' about alcoholism doesn't help, either.

I'm glad I was and felt safe this year for a 10-day occasion that for some, is literally a 10-day 'bender' or 'drunk-fest.'

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