Friday, April 6, 2007

Attention To A Comment Made

I'm not sure if users actually check 'comment' links, so I thought I would copy and past a comment that was recently made - because I appreciate the comment and the wonderful analogy expressed by another blogger - PLUS - I love the mythological reference used, so I want THIS front and centre!

'A Discovering Alcoholic' wrote:

"What Is A 12 Step Program?"

It's whatever you make it.

Daedalus constructed a Labyrinth so cunningly that he himself could barely escape it after he built it. As an alcoholic I often do the same. A 12 step program is a map out of the labyrinth, a group meeting could be the keys to the door, and a sponsor could be the voice of freedom. They are nothing though, if we don't make a real effort. They are like tools gathering dust, inanimate and unproductive.

Thanks so much for posting a comment! I am adding the phrases, 'map of the labyrinth,' and 'keys to the door' to my small store of 'DAMAGE CONTROL' items for when I am creating or ignoring chaos in my life.

Wow - A Discovering Alcoholic...did you read my other blog or something? (thoughs on mythology). It is TOO COOL that you used Greek Myth to explain 12-Step programs! Fine coincidence? No matter - thank you very much for your comment!

(Oh - and hey - I'm anxious to see your blog - I key-worded it, so get blogging!)

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