Thursday, April 5, 2007

Keeping It Simple

I have other blogs on the go. If you've visited them, you'll know that I can type for a freakin' LONG TIME!

Because this is the blog that may be viewed by recovering addicts, I am resolving to K I S S and post - that is, I resolve to keep my entries SHORT.

I know that when I first began my journey of recovery, I couldn't string more than two sentences together, anyway - and sometimes, even THAT was hard. I have been clean for 3 years now (as of Jan 2007) but I still remember what it was like to not be able to associate a 3rd sentence with the first two phrases that someone else JUST SPOKE!

This blog will be an exercise for me in keeping things simple and paring down all chaotic thoughts. For readers, I hope to convey some of my experiences surrounding staying clean and sober. Hopefully, telling of some of the things I have successfully done or still do successfully will help others.

All in all - we each need to find what works for us, in order to stay clean and regain health. For me, sharing helps me stay clean, so here I am and here is my blog.


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