Friday, April 6, 2007

What Is A 12 Step Program?

I've been involved with 12-Step programs for over 3 years. I've heard all kinds of definitions about what a 12 Step program is, including:

"A 12-Step program is a set of principles by which a recovering addict can re-structure the unmanageablity of his or her life, brought on by his or her previous alcoholic way of life."

(When I was about 1 week CLEAN and heard that one...I didn't even know that sentence was in ENGLISH sheeeeeeeeeesh - I just nodded and smiled and said "yes, yes.")

Here's another one:

"Twelve Step programs are the most laissez faire way of life on earth. 'Laissez Faire' = 'noninterference in the affairs of others.' "

*blink...........blink* I STILL don't understand that one - and I should, because I've been involved with Lassez Faire ooooooooops, I mean 12-Step programs for three years now.

One more:
(I nabbed this one straight from wikipedia so it has to be correct, right? lol)

"The Twelve-step program is a set of guiding principles for recovery from addictive, compulsive, or behavioural problems, originally developed by the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous (abbreviated A.A.) to guide recovery from alcoholism."

Again - principles and blahblahblah.


My definition of a 12-Step Program - down to its most SIMPLE (KISS), fundamental impression and meaning:


12-step programs are DAMAGE CONTROL for addicts.

I had to hear THAT 3 years ago to understand why people were telling me to get a sponsor, go to meetings, and Keep It Simple Smartarse!

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The Discovering Alcoholic said...

"What Is A 12 Step Program?"

It's whatever you make it.

Daedalus constructed a Labyrinth so cunningly that he himself could barely escape it after he built it. As an alcoholic I often do the same. A 12 step program is a map out of the labyrinth, a group meeting could be the keys to the door, and a sponsor could be the voice of freedom. They are nothing though, if we don't make a real effort. They are like tools gathering dust, inanimate and unproductive.

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